Is MA-DATA providing service like the rest of marked?

No at MA-DATA quality is not an option it’s a must.

Since the nineties the service providers have had hard times to make economy in the service they provide.

As a result of the lowered prices on equipment in general within computer business, the prices on service is also lowered, and that also mean that the big companies that produce equipment are making pressure to the service providers to make them lower their prices, the result of that, is often seen that the service providers are making bad service, and using bad educated people to perform service.

How does MA-DATA handle that?

MA-DATA is not using resources on big flashy buildings, who should pay for that? Yes there is only one to pay for it, the customer.

We are using our resources, to perform service on a high quality level.

Our many years of experience with repair on component level in combination with our work under the restriction on IQOQPQ to perform certified service, does that MA-DATA has lifted the repair level in general to a level that are not comparable with other service providers within the normal service area. In short terms we will never compromise the quality, no matter what kind of product we repair.

To understand IQOQPQ:

IQOQPQ is a total of qualification terms to meet the restrictions from the factory, to fulfill and improve the equipment to work under GMP, all the way from installation and to daily meet these restrictions.

IQ stands for Installation Qualification, and is an approval for the instrument to meet the qualification check for the installation, that is to insure the instrument is working under the conditions that it is made for and everything is connected as it should levels are correct, software checked etc. in short terms, instrument has been delivered and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements.

OQ stands for operational Qualification, is a set of test performed to qualify the instrument is functioning in accordance with its specification.

PQ Performance Qualification, the instrument is continuing to meet its specification, under the normal use of the instrument.

GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, and is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product, these practices is used within the laboratory industry and especially within food and medical industry the restrictions is to fulfill US FDA.

We are known by our costumers not just as a service provider, but as a service provider with extreme high quality level and fast reaction, no matter what assignment our customers should ask for.

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