MA-DATA have repaired POS, Point of sale equipment, since our start in 1994.

The requirement for POS equipment according to stability is much higher than for normal computer equipment,  because POS equipment are produced to be able to be used 24 hours a day 365, that mean that the component within POS equipment are in normal of much higher quality, to be able to work for many years without faults.

Because POS equipment are much more expensive than normal computers, POS equipment are operating for much longer time than normal computers before it will be replaced, and the system is working with special software that are expensive to replace.

MA-DATA still repair equipment today that is from 1998. And equipment that old has not been supported by the factory for many years, which mean we have to rework everything from the PSU to the mainboard.

How does MA-DATA repair POS equipment?

First of all in fact we are not just talking about repair, as described earlier the requirement for this type of equipment is that it should be able to work 24 hours 365, and to be able to do that, the equipment has to be refurbished, that mean all electrolyte capacitors in a PSU, need to be replaced, or at least measured to fulfill ESR within the specifications. When we replace capacitors in a PSU we use Capacitors of highest quality, ultra-low ESR, to make the product even better than the day it was produced. The component we use is of that high quality so the product is working much longer than the day it was new.

Worn and defective fans will be replaced, to be sure of correct airflow, and in normal we replace the fan with a type of fan with higher airflow and still low noise, to be sure the product won’t suffer overheating.

If the mainboard fails it will be repaired on component level. Flash, RAM, port IC etc. will be replaced if needed.

The equipment will be cleaned and all functions will be tested, all ports will be tested, the mainboard and RAM will be tested 24 hours to be sure the product is stable. All DC voltage will be measured and if needed adjusted.

The Equipment will in many cases depending on the equipment be tested up against a similar server like the customers to be sure the equipment is able to run as it should.

Printers will be separated and cleaned up, lubricated, adjusted and faulty parts replaced, after repair all functions will be tested.

In some cases we are even refurbish LCD screens both touch and non-touch, and exchange the backlights.

MA-DATA repair all kinds of POS equipment from cash register, touch screens, printers, scanner etc.

Most common fabricates we repair for are Wincor-Nixdorf, IBM, Digipos, NCR, Epson, Axiohm, flytech, Symbol, and Scantech.

MA-DATA is also specialized in repairing loose mainboards for POS equipment.

For further information please contact MA-DATA.

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