MA-DATA have made authorized certified service on Laboratory equipment for many years.

We are certified to perform authorized service on Anton Paar, Elementar and ERWEKA, we are daily working on authorization for more of the product we are repairing.

MA-DATA repair a big wary of Laboratory equipment, and have big experience within the laboratory industry, to make quality repairs and service to fulfill IQOQPQ to meet the requirements of GMP.

We understand the need for fast service and stability within the laboratory business.

MA-DATA have since Labsupport start, made quality service for Labsupport in Denmark.

Most common fabricates MA-DATA are making repair and service on:

Anton Paar                         



SCP SCIENCE                      





MA-DATA perform service for:

Arla Foods – Danmark Protein, Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S, DAKA Biodiesel, Dansk Pelsdyrfoder, DB-lab A/S, DLG Centrallaboratorium, DMU, DTU Technical University of Denmark, Eurofins Pharma, Ferrosan A/S, FL Smidth A/S, Flyvevåbnets og militærs laboratorium, Fødevaredirektoratet, Fødevareinstituttet afdelingen for Fødevarekemi, Fødevareregion Nord, Fødevarestyrelsen DTU, Göteborgs Vattenverk, Haldor Topsø A/S, Danish Health and Medicines Authority, Højvang Miljølaboratorium A/S, Institut for Bioscience, Koppers Denmark ApS, KVL (Landbohøjskolen), Labvest, Lackarebäcks Vattenverk, Landbohøjskolen, Lundbeck, Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes A/S, Odense Universitetshospital – Miljømedicin, Palsgård Industri A/S, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Plantedirektoratet, Radiometer Medical, Saybold Denmark, SKOV & LANDSKAB, Sophus-Fuglsang, Stora Enso Research, Sverige, Teknologisk Institut DTI, Teknologisk Institut – Århus, Vattenfall A/S, Aalborg Portland, Aalborg Universitet.

All contact regarding sale please contact Labsupport:

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