MA-DATA got founded in 1994, with the goal to be the best service provider with the highest Quality within the electronic business.  That goal is reached, long time ago; we provide today service to some of the biggest manufacture and service providers with in the POS, Point of sales business, Bank business and laboratory business.

Up through the eighties and first in the nineties, the electronic business had their golden age, the equipment was expensive, and the service prices where huge compared with today, but at the start of the nineties, the whole marked turned around, and more manufacturer showed up on the marked. The prices on equipment was going down so fast that the service marked couldn’t follow the lower prices. More service providers showed up on the marked and the competition was big. As a result of this, the service providers had to lower their cost on service to be able to survive, and be able to compete.

It was on that time the service level in general began to go wrong, the service providers started to use fever people to do the same job, they used people with lover education, and the result was unhappy customers and bad service, and too many fault on repaired equipment.

Here MA-DATA’s story began, as a result of this effect we started our company, and the foundation of MA-DATA should be no compromise with the quality, and to give the best possible service on the marked, and still keep an affordable price.

MA-DATA started in 1994 to repair electronic with in the computer business, PC’s, servers, printers, CRT screens, and other components with in the computer marked.

But where all other service providers, started to only be able to replace whole prints and modules, MA-DATA, was specialized in repairing on component level, and within short time, the demand from the companies with in the professional electronic business asked for service on special electronic, like POS, Bank and other special electronic, like turbo knocking sensor for ships, PA equipment, oil separator etc.

MA-DATA is today high specialized with in repair on SMD component level. And we are repairing and refurbished near all kind of electronic from switch mode power supplies, to displays, mainboards of any kind etc.

MA-DATA has since 2001, started to repair laboratory equipment and are fully certified to do IQPQOQ to fulfill the requirement of GMP.

MA-DATA have transferred the high restrictions and the extreme high quality directly from the laboratory business, to all other type of equipment we repair, that mean that we are working within a quality level from the lowest price sing unit to the highest, with a quality level that is much higher than other service providers within the computer business.

The result of our many years of experience with repair on component level combined with our many years of experience with IQOQPQ, make us able to have less than 0,5% fault rate in our repairs. And this also includes units with temporary faults that can’t be seen under the test of the unit.

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