MA-DATA is autorized reseller of Scientech’s High End Quality Balance Scales. It contains a serie 12000 with advanced weighing technology, for fast precise and accurate weighing from Semi-Micro 50g x 0.01mg and to General 12000g x 0.1g, it also contains A Zeta series with the new direct loading, electromagnetic, force-restoration cell concept, this technology makes it impossible to break the weigh sensor, as the only balances in the World. The Zeta series are avaible from 80g x 0.1mg to 600g x 0.01g. MA-DATA can also provide the two special series, that includes one Pharmaceutical 400g and two Jewelry scales, 150g and 400g that are certified by NTEP for class II, all balances are GLP/GMP/ISO compatible and are made under ISO 9001 certification, with TQC (Total Qaulity Control) during the Whole production, all balances are hand made i USA. for more information visit our Scientech site.

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